Dee Doochin is a coach and catalyst who guides busy professional people living with ADHD to function better and get things done in a way that really works.  As a result of Dee Doochin’s specialized executive coaching  with gifted professionals living with ADHD, they learn game-changing ways to get things done in a way that works for the way their brains work.  They feel less overwhelm and frustration, they learn to delegate effectively, and can be more present to their own wants and needs in life. The ACKTIVV® Processing Styles Indicator© allows you to discover the unique way you process information. By identifying seven processing styles — Auditory, Cognitive, Kinesthetic, Tactile, Intuitive, Verbal and Visual — and ranking those styles, the ACKTIVV® gives you a ranking from your strongest processing style to your weakest processing style. All of the identified processing styles, as well as many more not covered by this instrument, are used by everyone to process information . . . however, each person has unique dominant.  Dee Doochin created the ACKTIVV Processing Styles Indicator 2005 to find out how each person who takes the assessment processes information.  Hundreds of clients in English speaking nations around the world have quietly taken this inventory and gained powerful insights to guide them to get more done.  Suzanne Evans is a huge champion of ACKTIVV Styles Indicator.  When she took the ACTIVV, it turned her whole life around.

 Your Complimentary Discovery Session Is Just A Phone Call Away.

Call me today at 615.665.8888 or Email Me for a complimentary and completely confidential 45-minute consultation.  All of my sessions are conducted over the phone, making it easy for clients to find time in their hectic lives for my services.

You can call from the comforts of your own home, behind closed doors at work or while out of town. Just find a phone and some privacy and we’re ready to work. During our first session, we’ll have an opportunity to explore the unique challenges you face.  At the end of that first session, you will have a better idea of what I offer and if my services are right for you. If I feel like other resources might be more beneficial for you, I will be glad to assist you in finding the appropriate help you need.

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 Walking Beside You On Life’s Journey

Maybe you’re full of wonderful ideas, but have difficulty bringing them to fruition.  You multitask better than the best, but you continually struggle with crippling procrastination.  Perhaps people tell you you’re a creative genius full of wonderful ideas, but inside, you fight feelings of self-doubt because the rest of your life is so disorganized.

You might think you are the only one.  But there are a growing number of people in today’s hectic world who feel just like you.

Working Together to Find Your Way.

As a Certified Life Coach and ADD expert, I specialize in helping people who struggle with these issues.  As a person who lives with ADD, I understand first-hand many of the challenges you face everyday.

My driving force is to help you accept your special gifts and to use these extraordinary talents to find balance, peace of mind and a joyful life.  Side-by-side, I work with clients to discover new methods that not only help them cope with daily challenges, but also find greater success in every aspect of their lives.

“Dee is not only an expert in working with people who have ADHD, but also with anyone who is interested in living a happier, healthier, positive life.  They will find successful growth with her wonderfully supportive coaching.” 

–Michaela F., Texas